My work would probably be described as intuitive art. Like many visual artists, I begin each painting by touching and feeling the gessoed surface with my two hands, then I make marks and start layering colours. Eventually the process of painting comes to adding information and then subtracting some and finally, simplifying. Less is more!


What I like most is to scratch and scrape the surface with my palette knife or screwdriver to reveal the underlying colours, like an archaeologist in a dig. These marks add depth, richness, interest and texture.


I was a devoted batik and textile artist for many years before starting to paint in 2014 and many a time I still find myself looking for ways of applying batik techniques to my paintings by masking and reserving certain areas with tape.  This can be seen in some of  my ‘Poinciana’ panels.


Originally from Israel, I grew up in the Belgian Congo and Brazil. I came to Australia in 1972 where I completed a BA followed by a Dip Ed in Modern Languages at Monash University. After many years teaching and working as a translator I can now devote a lot of my time to my art, which, no doubt, is influenced by my heritage and my surroundings.



For sales enquiries please email me at or call me on

0498 728 420.


I hope you have enjoyed viewing my work.