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Very happy you found me.

I am Ilana, a linguist and an artist.


I have always been interested in languages and probably because my family and I lived in so many countries with different cultures, it made sense for me to consider a career in this field. I eventually became a certified NAATI translator and interpreter and now work in Brazilian (and European) Portuguese and Spanish. It gives me satisfaction to work with non-English speakers as I feel I can sometimes help bridge the cultural gap between their home country and Australia.

Thank you for stopping by.

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About Me.


Ilana's artistic journey is a testament to the profound impact of her diverse upbringing and life experiences. Raised in the Belgian Congo and Brazil, she was exposed to a rich tapestry of languages, cultures, and landscapes, which deeply influenced her artistic sensibilities.

In 1970, Ilana's artistic odyssey began with her introduction to the ancient art of batik whilst travelling in the Middle East. This formative experience ignited her passion for textile printing and painting, laying the groundwork for her future artistic endeavours.

Upon relocating to Australia in 1972, Ilana continued to nurture her passion for art while pursuing higher education. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Education in Modern Languages from Monash University, all the while balancing her academic pursuits with her creative expression.

In 2020, Ilana embarked on a new chapter in her artistic journey by enrolling in a renowned art course, where she began to explore the dynamic medium of acrylics and abstract painting. This marked a significant evolution in her artistic style, leading to the development of a vibrant and intuitive approach to her work.

Since then, Ilana has showcased her work through three solo exhibitions (Maleny Library 2019, Maroochydore Library Artspace, 2021, Vianta Arts 2022), captivating audiences with her bold use of colour and expressive imagery. She is currently developing works for her upcoming exhibition at the Cooroy Butter Factory in May 2024.

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Artist's Statement.

I am primarily a maker and at this time in my life, painting fulfils my need to be a creative being.  Since childhood, I've been drawn to painting naive flowers, a passion that remains unchanged. After many years as a devoted batik and textile artist, I finally transitioned to acrylic painting in 2014.

My creative process is intuitive. I begin by making marks on the canvas, then layering colours while adjusting and simplifying the composition. Often, when a painting is nearly done but still not resolved, I incorporate hand-painted torn paper shapes to the artwork. To my mind, collage adds another dimension to a painting.

My goal is to create simple yet captivating images that enhance living spaces and bring joy to those who look at them.

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